Reviews for "Little Bunny Foo Foo: No Evil 008"

Wow this was great!! The voice acting needs to be a bit refined but honestly the style and the creative imagery is spectacular!! Keep it up!! please make more!!

It's already been said that the animation is great and the voice acting isn't the BEST. Butt the voice acting was still good., not GREAT, butt it was definitely good.

Nice work, hope to see more!

Although it was little difficult story to digest, maybe because I have not seen your previous works, I loved the voices of the character; it felt very lively and accurate for the characters personalities. If possible, I want to hear more singing in your work; I think it is very unique and powerful tools you possess that isolates you from other lame animators. I hope to see you more often on Newgrounds.

Your new fan

@Bradford:You mean Rikki-Tikki-TAVI?

@Warlord: Stellar stuff. As usual. I gotta ask, what is Calamitys accent? I think I detect a hint of Cajun in there, but I'm not sure.

Amazing all around work! The harmonica music was an excellent choice.