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Critter Kingdom

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Critter Kingdom is a challenging and unique twist of the tower defense games we all know and love. In this game you need to control your army by using one or more checkpoints on the path. By cleverly placing the towers and send waves of troops you can gain victory and rule the land. Buy additional items and spells in the game shop.

ASWD keys to scroll the screen.
Build barracks or towers using your mouse. Once the battle started you can control each checkpoints with the mouse. The options are to hold or send troops per checkpoint. Press numkeys 1-3 to select a skill.

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Good game, however I have lost my cursor, and am relying on button flashes, which means I cannot play see why people say level 3 is so difficult. First two levels are fun, though. Good job!

Not bad and i have one question. What sound is on mission select?

The game has a few glitches, such as certain keys being sudden death. I pressed the N/M key and suddenly I Game Over'd. Also, there were a few grammar errors that made the dialogue really awkward; even if English may not be your first language, asking a native English speaker to beta-check the English in the game would polish it to look even more professional.

I highly recommended who got stuck at lv3 or 2 should play this game on freshnewgames.com. In that site, you just need to past 1 round and type "M" to past the other round ( remember beginning the battle 1st then "M" or it will lead to round 3 and you will stuck there) . I have finished this game in the site I recommend above quite easily thanks to "M". The main thing is that you have to try many way for every level- I used M in 4 stages but archer lv 2 or higher ( using bow) and white mage with heal skill is the key to success in the long run.
I've never used knight lv3 or 4 to past any level and I believe the team I mention above is the easiest to past the last 4 level

A lot of missclicks with magic powers.
You don't see all the map.

Lvl4 is too insane, i bought and bought items after upgrading buildings and it's not enough...
As I see, you should do this game a bit easier.

Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2013
1:58 AM EDT