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Dry Fire Reloaded

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Take control of a giant cannon and annihilate hoards of enemies and giant bosses with shots, drone strikes and earthquakes!

Use your mouse to aim your cannon.

A - Earthquake
SPACE - Drone Strike
Z - Red
X - Yellow
C - Violet
V - Green
B - Blue

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This was Cosmoseth's first game in like forever. I was between 8th grade and High school when this game came out, I was having a sucky year but this was a nugget of gold! DFR is based on "Dry Fire" an extremely old Cosmoseth game. This one is completely different, though. 2.5 years later, it's still great.
The color system is a bit tricky later on. There's no way to save your game, and I'd really like to see a save feature added! The game screen is a bit small, and I think enlarging it would make aiming at the enemies easier.
The music is awesome. The beginning level's music is a unique track, but the others, though they sound cool, just seem to be rearrangements of basically the same tune/melody/whatever. It's repetitive.
The enemies and bosses come in a variety of formats from guys covered in explosives who ram into you, to wizards who strike you with lightning. In typical Cosmo- style, a new type or types of enemies are introduced with each successive level. And if the enemies put you into a tight spot, a Drone Strike or Earthquake can be summoned at the press of a key. The store offers power-ups that are permanent, and those parachute drops in the middle of battle can turn the tides in your favor if you shoot them on time.

Awsom GAME!!!! PLAYED IT 1ce b4 ND IT ROCKED!!!!!!!!

My shots go right through the enemies

In potato mode its like your invincible. you should put a life bar or something.

its a little hard and confusing about the color system.you should add 'go to the store' in the pause menu.

fun ) but not for long