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Reviews for "Dry Fire Reloaded"

oo i love it

holy crap this is amazing! :p

Stone-Steven responds:

Wow man, you're totally right. I bet you are like, sooper cool dewed doe.

Man, what a cool game to waste time!

While I'm 100% sure that some people will love this, it gets very repetitive. I suggest a pause button during combat (perhaps you could visit a mini-shop there?). All in all, enjoyable for a little while.

This is a review and guide based on a playthrough of the medium difficulty. The stuff I say may apply also for other difficultys, but those I haven't played and can't say anything about. I chose medium since it is the thing most likely closest to normal. Before the actual review I want to give some hints to those of you who are just reading this because they are stuck at some point. The first thing you should do is: never let go of the mousebutton, there is simply no reason, no long reloadtimes, no ammo, no friendlys, nothing. Second, the first thing you should do is buy the superrocket. To get that you need a shitload of cash, to get that you should probably play through the first level over and over again, it only has the colors red and yellow and the boss is very easy. After you have the rocket colors don't matter anymore and if you are European its either get the rocket or break your hand. On the second level the Yeti isn't all that hard, but the third version of him doesn't have a lifebar. If you followed my rule you shot him anyway and survive if not you most likely waited to long and he instakills you. Third is the vulcano, which is the only exception of the rule. He leaves if you shoot him directly so don't shoot him. He spits out some forms of lavaballs which you shoot so that they fly back to him and hurt him. This boss is a pain in the ass and takes a while to kill. Fourth there is some weird robot. If you have the rocket and the upgraded firerate by now you are so overpowered, that all you really do is nail him to the wall, also enemys rarely make it to the screen now. The last boss is a weird shadow thing that looks kinda like slenderman. Before this stage spend all the money you can't spend on anything else on base repairs. The boss has a second form, both forms are easy to beat by just continously firing at them. Then you beat the game and can do endless mayham on the moon.

Now to the game itself:
It has the standard stickman violence, which is fun to watch and not to over-the-top. The way you smash the cash out of your enemy is really enjoyable. The soundtrack is nice, fitting and doesn't annoy you over time. Special about it is the 4 level switch in the options with which you can set the volume in 25% paces from 0 to 100. I can't really rate the complexity of the colorchanging cannon, since I went for rockets immediatly, but if you just hover your fingers over the keys you should get the hang of it. Now an exception from this is the European experience, since the z key switched places with the y key, which changes the buttons from next to eachother to all over the damn place. You should have the option you reprogram the keys in-game. Also the third form of the yeti needs a lifebar. I can already see reviews with negative ratings, because they didn't get why they died at that point. Since medium and rocket were my choice I can't rate this lower out of slight boredom, which appeared. O yeah one thing: if you play this and a button that you push doesn't change the color even though it should press it repeatedly, that usually does it. That's also a thing you should change. All in all a very nice game.