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Reviews for "Dry Fire Reloaded"

holy crap this is amazing! :p

Stone-Steven responds:

Wow man, you're totally right. I bet you are like, sooper cool dewed doe.

this is like one of the best games i've ever seen and the music is also pretty amazing.

I really love the music, make the game environment even greater!

this game is cool

This was Cosmoseth's first game in like forever. I was between 8th grade and High school when this game came out, I was having a sucky year but this was a nugget of gold! DFR is based on "Dry Fire" an extremely old Cosmoseth game. This one is completely different, though. 2.5 years later, it's still great.
The color system is a bit tricky later on. There's no way to save your game, and I'd really like to see a save feature added! The game screen is a bit small, and I think enlarging it would make aiming at the enemies easier.
The music is awesome. The beginning level's music is a unique track, but the others, though they sound cool, just seem to be rearrangements of basically the same tune/melody/whatever. It's repetitive.
The enemies and bosses come in a variety of formats from guys covered in explosives who ram into you, to wizards who strike you with lightning. In typical Cosmo- style, a new type or types of enemies are introduced with each successive level. And if the enemies put you into a tight spot, a Drone Strike or Earthquake can be summoned at the press of a key. The store offers power-ups that are permanent, and those parachute drops in the middle of battle can turn the tides in your favor if you shoot them on time.