Seven Jumps

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7 short levels of jumping with original art and music.

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The lagging kills it for me.

I like this game but I cannot do it sadly :(

i dont really enjoy how it speeds up suddenly when its time to jump. kinda pointless. its also a little slow

Could be a fun game, but It's a little annoying that the moments right before I go to jump the game decides to lag and I end up smashing my head on the platform above me...

A fun, if not tough little time waster with a good soundtrack

The first five levels are quite easy, but a good way to learn the controls. The real challenge comes in the last two, but mostly the last level. Enemy patterns can " combo " you into submission, however they can be somewhat avoided.

The openings seem to come and go at random especially in the last level, even though I know there's a pattern. That can be kind of frustrating especially if you know there's a big batch of enemys coming and the floor above you just won't open.

However that's a minor issue, the biggest one is the lag spikes / slowdowns. Or better said, the insane speed-ups that sometimes happen. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but those were my greatest enemy in this game.

On a positive note though, the music was very nice and varied, building up as the levels progress. They give a nice sense of progression. Also I like the small " ping " sound you get when you advance another floor. It's a small touch but it really adds to the game.

The controls were also smooth and responsive except for the occasional " anti-lag spike ".

Graphics wise, well I don't want to be a dick here. But I've seem so many pixel ish games by now that they kind of blend into another. They're not bad, they're not good. The enemys were kind of random, so overal kind of " meh ".

And now for the apparent vocal point of this game according to other reviewers, the difficulty: It's not that hard to be honest. Maybe a bit tedious if you get a combo on you and you drop a few floors. It's only 7 floors so it can't be that bad. Then again I was raised on ball busting NES games that punished you way worse if you messed up. Compared to a complete game over and reset, having to start over a few floors down is pretty fitting.

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3.12 / 5.00

May 22, 2013
1:46 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other