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Dead Defense

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Use the arrow keys/WASD keys to move.
Use the mouse to aim, click to shoot.
E summons backup (when backup is available)
T shows you how long you've survived.
R reloads.

-THERE HAS BEEN A LARGE GLITCH THAT A NUMBER OF PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT. if the game doesn't work, refresh the game, clear your cache, and try using google chrome.

-errors loading bgm and sounds
-once you die, your mouse disappears
-bots have WICKED long health sometimes
-pathfinding errors


no updates have been made.

There are currently only 2 levels. i will be making multiple levels in the future. Any bugs should be reported directly to me via private message. don't put them into reviews.

- add an upgrade system
- different zombies
- more maps

THE ARTWORK IN THIS GAME IS FROM COUNTER STRIKE 2D. RIGHTS WERE GRANTED (simplified version: you can't sue me or remove this game for copyright infringement)
any ideas, bugs, or suggestions? message me!

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Well sadly I can't play the game, I tried to remove cache and all, but ehh, no problem. As soon as I saw CS2D assets I just had to give it 5 stars. If you're not busy or anything maybe you could try to fix this game if you still have experience with Flash or whatever you use :)

You can tell effort went into this unlike a lot of these games its just a bit laggy but I'm sure that's just my 2 year old computer.

Overall really good game.

larrynachos responds:

One of my oldest projects! I was really proud of it when it first came out, now it looks like poo poo garbage to me lol. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope to revisit Dead Defense in the near future!

oh noooo its zombies ahhhhhh

larrynachos responds:

lol, this one is soo old >< I have an unfinished version that was going to be open world and even had a day/night cycle, but it felt too sloppy and I didn't really feel it would be well received. I want to come back and do another Dead Defense soon though!

sorry but wtf

larrynachos responds:

How about you give actual feedback instead of typing this shit. Is it not working for you? Have you read any of the other reviews to figure out how to fix your problem? Did you at least read the fucking description?

Provide more context with your reviews, kid.

Game frozen at "choose a level" at the beginning

larrynachos responds:


yeah, some people have that problem. i would just choose a different game, because it's not the game, it's your system.