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Reviews for "Dead Defense"

It's out already! :) I'd have liked to play this, but it doesn't seem to work. On the 'Choose a level' screen I've tried clicking around, pressing all kinds of buttons (all the ones in the instructions) but nothing happens. I also don't see the mouse, or any highlights on a level being selected, so it's hard to see if anything's really happening. When I click, I do hear a gunshot, but that's all, I can't get past the level menu! A couple of issues before that:

- I get a 'Complete' message even though there's no mention it's been loading.
- Title screen only reads 'Dead.

It sounds good, but so far it seems way too buggy. Shouldn't you test and get rid of bugs before submitting? Looking forward to them all getting fixed!


larrynachos responds:

none of those bugs showed up when i played it. i'll look into it, however.

The starting menu is nothing fancy. When I try picking a map the only thing that happens is that the mouse disappeared and the screen remains the same. I tried reloading the game twice and the same thing happened.

larrynachos responds:

a lot of people are getting big glitches like this, but some people can actually play it. i'm trying to figure out how it's broken, and how i can fix it.