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Down the Main Road...For Now 10 Points

Unlock FInal Pulse

Out of the Woods...for Now 10 Points

Unlock Dungeon Crawlin'

The Final Pulse...I Think 10 Points

Do decent on the Final Pulse

Through the Dungeon...For Now 10 Points

Unlock Main Road

Down the Main Road...For Good 50 Points

Get the best performance on Main Road

Out of the Woods...For Good 50 Points

The best performance on Lost in the Woods.

The Final Pulse...For Good 50 Points

Get the best performance on the Final Pulse

Through the Dungeon...For Good 50 Points

Get the best performance on Dungeon Crawlin'

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

This was my first full game created for my Intro to Game Design class. I took the whack-a-mole game idea and turned it into a random music creation game.

I hope you like it.

Any Feedback is much appreciated.

Select a song

Then click as many notes as you can
(Using a mouse is helpful)

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Hits literally every note.

"Great performance! But I think you could do better."


I'm going to guess the various "best performance" awards are entirely points-based, except the entire thing is just luck that it gives you enough notes, which seem to come out at random.

This game is also really nothing to do with music, whatsoever. Sure, it has music notes, but they don't correspond with the music. Sure, it's music-themed but has nothing to do with hitting the correct rhythm nor pitch.

Ok, I managed to get all the medals, but the game is not necessarily fair. And here is why:
1. As it was already stated the hitboxes are a bit weird;
2. The notes indeed are not responding sometimes;
3. Not so rarely a note is being kicked from the speaker directly outside the screen, so you have no chance to click them;
4. Also when multiple notes appear at the same time they are disappearing too fast to click them;
5. It also happens sometimes that the notes are still on the screen, while the game already decides to end the level, so again - no chance to click these notes.
Without these weaknesses the game would be really good.

i don't understand this music, the game is "not bad not good"

This was a fun idea for a game, but the control is... hard! When the notes are moving like that it's hard to aim in on the notes when their hit area is pretty much only on the round part. The music was ambient and smooth and the game easy to play, but I just can't get best performance! How do you do it? I clicked every single note on the first track and still didn't get it (admitted, I did right click occasionally to pause a couple of times, but that shouldn't affect the score, should it?). Apart from difficulty, great game. Keep it going!


Eh its pretty hard to click the notes.
Its a decent game, I know you meant well, but it is pretty boring.
The music isn't all too great as well.