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MCI - Wyze vs War Spawn

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The 2013 International MC Invitational Tournament
Round 2
(4) Wyze Stingray vs (1) War Spawn

Verse 1: Wyze Stingray
Verse 2: War Spawn
Verse 3: Wyze Stingray
Verse 4: War Spawn

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great battle but im gonna give it to war spawn due to the fact that his lines seemed more serious, and he himself came with a more serious style that i was enjoying. wyze was funny, with some decent flips, but spawn re-flipped a lot of them, and was consistently flipping a lot of the lines. wyze was good though, dont get me wrong, but i felt like war spawn edged him out on a serious note. good job though guys, great battle. although there was a noticeable difference in flow, wyze was good, but i felt like spawn was having troubles, i didnt deduct points on that though.

Both of these rappers are shit random pick... i choose wyze

Spawn is the one I think won this one. I think both his verses were better than Wyze's ones

RRStudios responds:

Wyze Stingray: 3
War Spawn: 2

Thank you for dropping by!


RRStudios responds:

Wyze Stingray: 3
War Spawn: 1

Thanks for the vote!

So basically the shortened version, because this would be a horribly long review.

WarSpawn's first verse absolutely beats Wyze's first by a considerable margin. The reason's why would be simply put down to this: Wyzes only run on thing i'd say was good was about Richard's inability to find a Job, and a good last line. Spawn's comes through with King of the Dot, History, Fat Jokes, Punch ins, and then has a good last line.

Wyze's second beats Spawn's by quite a lot. Reasons are: Wyze has nice rebuttals, has a punch of hilarious punches, and one of the best ending lines i've heard in a battle. Spawn went on about the punch ins, and was alright, and then made his horrible quality obvious by letting us listen to the ringing of his bad grounding.

So usually when it comes to battles like this I have to compare their two weaker verses, and stronger verses. I'd say their stronger verses are rather evenly matched, if anything Spawn's is a bit stronger, but i'm compelled to favor Wyze's due to how hilarious it was. So their weaker verses... I'd have to go with Spawn, because I felt in all Spawn's and Wyze's weaker lines only went on one good tangent, and I think Spawn's technical work was better.

So Spawn wins it for me.

RRStudios responds:

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Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2013
8:05 PM EST
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