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MCI - Wyze vs War Spawn

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2013 International MC Invitational Tournament
Round 2
(4) Wyze Stingray vs (1) War Spawn

Verse 1: Wyze Stingray
Verse 2: War Spawn
Verse 3: Wyze Stingray
Verse 4: War Spawn

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Wyze V1 - Spits on his penis is tacky but funny. Depressed/lisp/manic depressive are decent, overall the disses are slow but steady, making a pretty airtight net.

War-Spawn V1 - Broke flip could have been better. Fat disses are redundant. Can't hold a flow is alright. Moose/Canadian diss is alright.

Wyze V2 - Get more head is nice, helped me grow is clever. Moose flip is amazing, power of Christ made me laugh out loud. Broke diss and mood swing are way redundant, ending on a bad note.

War-Spawn V2 - Couldn't understand moose flip. Hard to breathe is kind of rich coming from you. Obstacle course is kind of irrelevant.

War didn't come with anything groundbreaking, while Wyze went ham through the whole battle. I must say I'm kind of surprised by both emcee's performances. Wyze takes the win by a significant margin.

Verse 1 (Wyze Stingray):
I didn't like the opening lines, but the Van Gogh line was ok to show the depression, the lisp line "Its War Spawn" had me dying of laughter. Great punch. Some of the other lines, weren't that great, but you were on-beat with a regularly nice flow, good job. I can't wait to see what War Spawn has.

Verse 2 (War Spawn):
Nice opening flow, but the disses were eh. The KOTD diss was ok, nice lyrics, and the ventrilo hit was good. The punch-in line was good, can't hold a job, can't hold a flow, great job. I really enjoyed most of the disses, but the only one that hit hard to me was the can't-hold-a-flow punch, good. Seems even as of right now.

Verse 3 (Wyze Stingray):
Amazing opening, flip after flip, great job, I was rolling. The exorcist line was very good, very clever, nice. More broke than the U.S. Government was ok, but the ending line took it. I loved the entire verse, really good job, on-beat throughout as well, not too slow, not too fast, good job. At this point, I wanna vote for Wyze, but I'm still interested to see what Spawn has up next.

Verse 4 (War Spawn):
Canadian lame brain was a good diss, opened up with a dope flow, good lyrics, interested for more. The bad jokes line was great, but lacked a better delivery. More punch-ins was good, but the rest of the lyrics just seemed to lack cleverness and a nice delivery. Definitely had some haymakers, but was hard to compare to Wyze's 2nd verse. I'd have to give it to Wyze.

Overall, Wyze had a better flow, and funnier lyrics, better flips, and a great delivery. Spawn had certain lines that were delivered great, and others that weren't, he didn't seem as nearly as consistent as Wyze throughout the verse. Although he definitely had some great punches, it just wasn't enough for me. Good job guys, but the victory goes to Wyze Stingray.

Wyze: Good delivery of material supported by relevant shots. Flow was on point; 2nd verse was sick. His first verse sounded bored... that mood ring/epileptic line was superb!

WarSpawn: Some of the best clarity I've heard from him. Had some really humorous material and delivery. I was a bit disappointed by the repetition of shots in his 1st and 2nd verse, but it was appropriate (the moose line was bit dumb, it's a deer doe.)

I'd give this to Warspawn. He brought the energy and consistency throughout the match. Wyze's first verse; lyrically it was great, but the performance sounded rushed-his second was huge step up though. Warspawn had the advantage of having something to respond to, but Wyze's is an experienced battler, I was expecting him to bring the "empowered voice" from the start.

Awesome battle. I liked this beat 2 years ago... it's gotten a bit old though, teddygram is still dope though :D

No vote from me, just wanted to give some props to Wyze. His flow was real nice here, good lines, so great job from him.

Also, War Spawn's delivery at 1:01 was pretty awesome. I like hearing that part, haha.

Good battle, guys!

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Feb 17, 2013
8:04 PM EST
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