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Author Comments

Help Lockehorn save his tribe from the big freeze or grab a buddy and battle! Use WASD/arrow keys to play.

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extremely fun, had a good game playing with my friend


Quite a nice game. I'm not usually a big fan of these types of games, but somehow this game managed to keep bringing me back until I completed it; even if I ended up stuck on some levels for quite a while due to my abysmal timing sense.

Its very simplistic controls, yet challenging gameplay due to obstacles and hazards, definitely adds a nice flavor to the game. What looks to be a simple game ends up being quite a gauntlet due to the various level designs that imposes new challenges. I quite like the variety in the design, as it makes it so no two levels feel the same.

The music is also quite nice. Even listening to it for a few hours, I never got tired of it.

And of course, rather pleasing aesthetics. Quite cutesy that ends up going a bit on the morbid side when you end up accidentally squishing yourself and end up being a green puddle. The colors are quite nice, but sometimes the hazards end up blending in to the flooring, which can end up being frustrating when you're trying to avoid stuff.

I don't really have too much of a problem with the game. My only real issue is I don't quite understand how, on stages where there are two frozen elk, you can't squish the snow monsters in between them. You can very easily squish yourself if you end up getting stuck between the elk, but if the snow monsters get in between, they simply slide out of the way.

I also dislike how you have to either wait for the failure screen to come up, or press the pause button and then hit restart, to restart a level that you've messed up. Since the R button has no use in the game, I see no reason why R shouldn't be a quick restart.

Also, while this isn't really a game problem, I don't like the message at the very beginning telling to turn Ad-Blocker off. Now I understand that this is how you make revenue from the game, and I'm quite willing to turn off Ad-Blocker, but a little problem stands in the way that when I turn Ad-Blocker off, the game doesn't load. It's just a white line that doesn't go away. So in order to play the game, I have to turn on Ad-Blocker and sit through a message that I've read in only about ten seconds. Please, either shorten the time the messages stays up or add a skip button to it. It's quite frustrating that I have to wait thirty seconds every time I want to play one of your games.

Other than those issues, it's quite a solid game. I like the physics of it where it feels like you really have to give it your all to keep the ice block moving, and the general feel of the game is pleasant. Sometimes I did get frustrated when I spent about thirty minutes on a stage because of my incompetence, but I never really felt a desire to rage quit. Nice design over all.

This game is great!

I love the fiendish difficulty that suddenly springs on you once you have gotten the hang of how to play.
you reactions have to be spot on and you have to plan one moment ahead in order to come out on top.
the difficulty, while infuriating, never seems unfair and if you make a mistake you know that it was your fault, but at the same time you can always see how to correct your error after the fact, or before the fact with just a little planning.
very fun game... and a bit addictive, I'll freely admit.
my two criticisms of the game;

1. The Environment
vary the environmental aesthetics a bit more (environmental mechanics were amazing up to the point that I have played through). let's see some dim crystal caverns or dark (yet visible) misty chambers. varying colours? maybe and add a bit the the reward segment at stages end (lockehorn's dancing is cute, but add a bit more sparkle... some charm)

2. the abilities
the one thing that I kept thinking was " it would be so awesome if I could jump over over the ice-block (not direction jumping mind you, just a 'hop in place' sort of move)" it would open up opportunities to let the block pass under you harmlessly if you can get the timing right and start pushing from the other side to add more momentum in a shorter time frame and maybe also if you 'hop' with exceptional timing you could 'ride' the block and get a 'ride bonus' until the block hit a solid object, knocking you off the ride bonus (numerical value floating in the air) would then burst into coins and/or gems that you could then collect (similar to when a 'coin pot' is smashed) depending on the magnitude of the 'ride' bonus. maybe also rewards for near misses and 'hopping' over the 'snow bunnies'.

over all great concept, sweet execution.
am still playing right now!

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2013
5:04 AM EST