Reviews for "Lockehorn"

I thought this was a really cool game! By cool I do kind of mean that literally. It's weird, because I still don't even know how to get a level beaten. On the first one, I mostly just destroyed everything in sight. I think it has something to do with getting rid of those white rabbits. It reminds me of "Alice In Wonderland".

It's too bad how one hit can kill you. The music is fairly decent as well. I love the graphics as usual. You guys will NEVER stop making games with great graphics. The detail is just so flawless!

I like the way they squeal >:)

Won't work if you use adblock. the game is nice, hard as always by nitrome

it was mediocre. Minuspoints for 30sec adblocker outcry.

All I see is a small white line in the middle of the screen. I'm using the current version of firefox and adobe flash player. You will get a better rating when I can play the game.