Reviews for "Lockehorn"

It was great! I really enjoyed the game play and the wind was very annoying -_- :D. Btw I played on firefox so for all those saying "It doesnt work on firefox" can go suck it don't know if it was the game or them or their computers but if you id something it worked!

Game doesn't load on firefox. and the game is stupid

Game won't load, just white bar on black page. I'm using firefox. it front page so i'm sure its a fine game, but I can't play it so no stars. please fix

good job on the game

I'm beginning to notice Nitrome for it's cute characters and outstanding efforts with using pixel art in its games. I also really appreciate how they use retro game mechanics and modern gaming technology to produce new game ideas. This one reminds me of an arcade game that I played a few times when I was a kid. Nitrome always produces visually pleasing games, but I never find myself playing them for more than 15 minutes.

In this game, the holes in the floor and wind effects are a great idea, but it seems that the floor is made of Teflon, and the ice block slides around way too much, making it difficult to put the ice right where you want it. This also makes it to easy to push the ice down a hole. I think it would be more interesting if the levels had layers or floors so you have to push the ice up and down ramps and things like that. It's a fun game that is shy of an incentive for me to keep on playing.