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Ghost Light Part 1

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Held On 10 Points

Beat the first boss in hard mode.

Accepted Nothing 25 Points

Beat the second boss in hard mode.

Author Comments

The lost levels are finished, they can be found here.

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/610553

Soundtrack available here.

http://comacolors.bandcam p.com/

"EDIT: I've added volume controls to the title menu, pressing m will now mute the game at any time, both up and z are jump buttons now, and the game crashing bug involving the spinning spike balls and the audio bugs involving the title screen are fixed. I'm afraid this update will break people's saves, and I'm very sorry for this, but I really felt that it was important to correct some of my more serious oversights. I will do everything I can to avoid having to do this again."

This is my first real flash game so I went with something really basic. It's an extremely simplified platformer. Pretty short, no upgrades, just jump everywhere and shoot all the things. Visuals and gameplay are heavily inspired by a few classic nes games.

Originally it was going to be one big game but for logistical reasons, file size in particular, and for the sake of making it reasonably easy to play through in one sitting I decided to divide it in to two equal parts. I'm hoping to have part two up in a month or two, and in the meantime for people who want more of a challenge and less of a story I'll be uploading some super hard lost levels in the near future.


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dang the medal is too hard to get tbh

the game win dow is just too small.

personally can u make to where we can customize controls i mean its not a have to but its just a suggestion.

Comacolors responds:

That is a very good suggestion, and it's something I wish I could have done. Unfortunately fully customizable controls are surprisingly difficult to implement, at least for someone like me who's just starting out. I imagine that's why customizable controls are something you don't see very often in flash games.

As I get better at making games I really want to include that as an option in mine, because I do agree that it's important, but I'm afraid I'm not good enough yet.

Thank you for the suggestion and for the generous score. I hope the control scheme didn't undermine your experience with my game too much, and I hope I can make things in the future you'll enjoy more.

Whoa, after playing the Lost Levels, this game seems ultra easy (even on hard). The levels are nowhere near as busy, and, in nearly every case, you can just walk right up to an enemy and rapidly tap Z for the kill.

The game is fun, don't get me wrong, but it is super easy. To beat the first boss, you don't even have to move off the middle platform. I got all the way to last boss only losing 7 or so lives? The first 4 levels I didn't even die once. The last boss is moderately difficult, but once you figure out the pattern, you can avoid all damage.

Still a good game though. Lost Levels seems more of a high-level platformer, whilst this one seems more casual. I can do casual though.

Comacolors responds:

I can totally see how this game would come as a shock to anyone who started with the lost levels.

Ghost Light started out as a tough as nails, challenge platformer, but I ended up toning down the difficulty for the sake of the story I wanted to tell. I didn't want all the really hard levels to go to waste though, so I came up with the idea of lost levels. My thinking was that the main games could tell the story and introduce the player to the game's mechanics, and the lost levels could exist separately for all the people who wanted a serious challenge.

Unfortunately I didn't do nearly enough to communicate my intentions to players and as a result I've created a tonne of confusion. I'm glad the lapse in communications on my part didn't ruin your experience, I'll do my best not to let this happen again.

Thank you for all the feedback, I really appreciate it.

I played the lost levels one first, and them this one they both are awesome. But if you make a second one make the character move WITH the platform, it is pretty annoying to keep pressing the left or right key in the platform so you dont fall off it :/

Comacolors responds:

Part two is well underway, and no worries, it features an entirely different set of hazards and enemies, no platforms at all.

I totally understand people's frustration with them. I started working on this game within a month of deciding I wanted to make flash games and by the time I got good enough at programing to make platforms you don't fall off of I'd already built the game around platforms working the way they do. I think they're alright as a final challenge but I don't plan on doing anything like them again.

Thank you for your input.

Credits & Info

4.08 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2012
7:44 PM EST
  • Frontpaged December 31, 2012
  • Underdog of the Week January 2, 2013
  • Daily 3rd Place December 31, 2012