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TOME: Minigame Madness

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Animated by Chris Niosi
Written by Chris Niosi and Liz Losey
Music by Weston Durant
Background Artwork by Dave Smith, Jourdan Lasko and Terrence Lepinski
Voices by Anna Kingsley, Sarah Williams, Apphia Yu, Chris Zito, Erica Mendez, Dave Smith and Liz Losey.

Flamegirl spends a day out with her gal-pals Saturndiva and Whyti in ;Mechcity one day, when the girls are approached by a strange salesman who tempts them with addictive minigames. Will our heroines see through his SINISTER PLOT of ripping them off, or will it take some well-aimed projectiles to burn through the minigame madness!?

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are you like madness?
the terrain of magical expretise will FILL in madness... there here is...

Its Over 8000!!!!!! Well 9000 for those stuck in the american version. Great JOB!!!!!

Whyti is absolutely adorable. I would not mind seeing more of the character in the Gemini Tournament/the series in general.

VERY good! I enjoyed it quite a bit. As for all of you anime fans out there, it's 8,000 and not 9,000. There was a miss-translation in the DBZ anime when taken from the manga, look it up if you don't believe me. SO SAY IT CORRECTLY FROM NOW ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANIME AND MANGA FOR LIFE Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!