Reviews for "TOME: Minigame Madness"

I wish that Pheonix Minigame and the Rock Candy game were real man, I want to play both of them. X3

where can i create a character so he/she can join your next flash video? a fighting wizard who looks young but is old enough to know about the old power so he can train them.

the high score was 9000, she got 9001

Ahh yes, another awesome installment of TOME!
I love this series and this episode surely didn't disappoint.
I enjoyed the side story feel and the addition of Saturndiva and Whyti in this one.
Not to mention Flamegirl as well, because in the world of video game avatars, she is a hottie! XD
Hope to see the next episode sooner than later, keep up the great work!

Nice vid! :D

Did anyone catch what the high score was over? XP