Reviews for "TOME: Minigame Madness"

okay talk about your typical rip off artitst anyway at least he didn't get away this time.

Another entertaining installment. Keep up the good work!

Why would she accept buying all his minigames if she lost that one after she saw that they were rigged? And why would the other two really want to buy his games after seeing that they were rigged and then not want to when flamegirl won one? And then the voice acting was bad and boring and so was the plot.

flaming reincarnation looked like a fire happy chocobo...beautiful creatures <3

glad to see some of the other charas have some spotlight =3

Good animation, kind of boring the way they all bounce when they aren't in an actual shot. And I haven't watched these cartoons for a while. Does this series even have a plot or is it just a bunch of people play a game and you make up characters to put into lame plots with no real direction..? Needs some actual action, things didn't heat up much. 9 cents a month? Even if she lost who gives a shit. Also the voice acting is just dreadful on the girls parts, it's like they just read the lines and didn't think about how someone would speak it in reality.
Your a good animator Chris, just put more thought into these and the casting.
Looking forward to the next.