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Darkwing Duck!

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I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the winged scrouge that pecks at your nightmares! I am...MEGAMAN!

Based on a Pirate NES game where Darkwing Duck was replaced with Megaman.

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Haha nice

So this was nice I like the switching of dark wing duck with mega Man that's a nice job and makes for a good idea as well you have a good concept here the art was notbad the character work was even better I think you could have a series here just have to make more anyways nice job here and make more soon

Make a series out of this the idea is good


Weird how you chose German. Wait, it's an animutation. It makes sense. "Darkwing Duck" really was a great show. Holy crap, this actually existed! You know, the game you're talking about.

I liked this because it was an animutation. It's hard to ever go wrong with those. You just never know what random thing will appear next. You needed more fake lyrics. Suzukisan is much better.

Newgrounds ist international. Englisch wäre gut.

5 points for the music. But the rest is.... sh*t. -.-

And why did you choose the german version? Thos is Newgrounds, it's international. It would be better if you did in in English.

Or are you against other languages, you friggin' Nazi!? O.o
Just jokin'.....

Greetings from Germany


i cut ur score in half because this vidio is bad

I played that game.

I found that game at my cousin's house in China.