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Reviews for "Darkwing Duck!"

A somewhat average, yet, funny Animutation.

Graphics: Well, it’s Animutation. Not as random as others, but still good.

Style: A bit average for it’s kind.

Sound: The music brings back a lot of memories. The quality of the sound was below average. Overall, it’s decent.

Violence: N/A

Interactivity: N/A

Humor: I thought it was very funny.

Overall, I say it was good.

^_^ das good ya

das is ther goth
(i can spell any german :()
funny as hell


Terrible pixelation on a lot of the images, but then I get the idea you did this super quick as a throwaway joke.

Considering that the NES Darkwing game was almost EXACTLY like Mega Man -- with the removal of Mega Man's coolest feature, since you can't take anyone's weapons or powers -- I'm not surprised someone would hack it like that.

were you on crack?

the thing was so shoddy, only my school computer would play it fully, it looked like hell, i like it a little, but it isnt quality work, youve done better.........SOrry

That was so damned awsome

WOW, i mean WOW, that was so cool i watched it 6 times in a row, it was so funny, and great, adn did i mention it was funny?