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Reviews for "Darkwing Duck!"


That was great. I have the theme already, but I love the images you put to match the song. Good job.


As the duck would say: WTF?

Ha ha It sounds funnyer in German. I would give you a low score for adding Mega Man which doesn't make sense but it's too damn funnny. Hm hm ha ha HA HA HA HA HA!

Dwedit responds:

Read the page labeled "Click Here To Find Out" and you might notice that this very flash movie was actually based on a Hong Kong pirate NES game. The game was called Rockman 5, and was a really badly hacked version of Darkwing Duck. You can even download the ROM at the linked site.



not bad

but i really would of luved to see something from darkwing duck. that show kicks A$$. also it would of been great to listen to the original song too


Ok first of all, that was not darkwing duck, that was mega man...dont u know anything?Darkwing duck is a charaacter from disney idiot...but it was kinda ok.

Dwedit responds:

Yes, I know that it's Megaman in the video, and not Darkwing Duck... that's why Darkwing appears at the end of the movie saying WTF, and there's even a link that explains it. This movie was inspired by a bad pirate version of the NES game Darkwing duck that replaces Darkwing with Megaman, but keeps all the text referring to Darkwing. That, and it's pretty crazy to stick Megaman in a Darkwing Duck Fanimutation.