Calamitous Critique

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New cartoon! This one was written by spanio and animated by me! I tried some new tricks for this one.

Hope to see you next month!

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Update 12/12: Holy sh*t, front page? Awesome! Thanks! :3


@ Voijin:
Yeah sorry, i should have know how sarcastic it is which is not in my mother language :(. My fault. Sorry but its not the same thing what i did. I didn't like the whole idea not just a small part, i get the animation, its pretty good but its still wrong. I could say it is sarcastic if characters weren't theirselves. And i think its based on true story in a high chance not the broken neck part ofc. And as you can see, i'm saying the same idea in that sarcastic joke: " the ones who criticals "the necks small part is wrong, whole art is a trash, artist (who gave his days to do that) doesn't deserve anything." are total jerks.". And i still didn't get the sarcastic way even i thought like that. I think many people didn't get it either.

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I had a friend like that once always critiquing the minorest (if that's even a word) of things despite a picture looking good. This was a nice parody to that. Otherwise great job!

I'd suggest you read up on what sarcasm means, because you apparently are unable to recognize it when it slaps you in the face, then kicks you in the balls and slowly paints on your chest with crayons.

If you still don't get it, this flash contained two "jokes". The first, much simpler one, was the guy breaking his neck. The second one was a sarcastic recreation of how some people treat pieces of art as trash because they disliked a single part of it that was unnatural but still fit into the picture.
Something similar would be if someone give a video 0.5 stars because they thought the creator was serious when he used sarcasm. (Hint: You did just that.)

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You can actually turn your head to your side; it's call turn, not SPIN, well that's what the guy did.
Nice voice acting except for the last "shocked" voice, quite underwhelming, maybe because of the odd pause in-between.

Loved it, but sadly, have to give it a 4, you used music used in two of my favourite works xD

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4.03 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2012
2:24 PM EST
Comedy - Original