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Reviews for "Calamitous Critique"

I'd suggest you read up on what sarcasm means, because you apparently are unable to recognize it when it slaps you in the face, then kicks you in the balls and slowly paints on your chest with crayons.

If you still don't get it, this flash contained two "jokes". The first, much simpler one, was the guy breaking his neck. The second one was a sarcastic recreation of how some people treat pieces of art as trash because they disliked a single part of it that was unnatural but still fit into the picture.
Something similar would be if someone give a video 0.5 stars because they thought the creator was serious when he used sarcasm. (Hint: You did just that.)

i belive that yore skill as an artist is determind by how well you can turn and replicate the idea in youre head into an image on the page.

Nah, sorry i didn't like the script like how i don't like " since i'm drawing awesome than others, i can show where he/she draw wrong" artists. Did the guy/girl managed to draw a neck? or can we clearly see its a neck that's just all. Maybe he/she wanted to look the neck this way. You're practicing anatomy so hard it doesn't mean everybody have to do the exact perfect body shape... If you're (not dedicated to anyone) that kind of person you've serious ego promblems, you should totally check yourself on a mirror. Drawing is drawing that's all, like on the cubism ones or surrealism. I was going to give 3 stars to animation + joke but then i realized that if i were the artist that made this animation, i wouldn't do it at all. I mean the artist make this animation who thinks that way. So that's why i'm giving 0.5 stars, only for broken neck joke although the animation floods realy good. Ps: If you think i'm acting like a total jerk, the ones who criticals "the necks small part is wrong, whole art is a trash, artist (who gave his days to do that) doesn't deserve anything." are total jerks.

whats that friking end song :)

Well, that neck turn looked natural to me, but then again, I'm really not that great critiquing anatomy. <XD I guess it has to do with shoulder placement and all, I dunno.
Other than that, great work, and that neck crack sounded very convincing! I mean...ouch.