Reviews for "Calamitous Critique"

I can turn my neck that far and not break it. The key is to not jerk your head, but to move it slowly. Of course, I might just be more flexable than other people.
Also, if you take the angle of the body into account, her head is nearly aligned with her shoulder, and the chin is barely behind it at all, making it a reasonable place for the face to be facing.
Critique of critique aside, this was well-animated, well-voiced, and and amusing. As for the chair-jump, silly, but unlikely to be attainable, especially when you consider that the chair had wheels. Even if she pulled off the rapid-repositioning of her legs, the chair would have tipped over.

Realism aside, I enjoyed it.

no one can jump back and land on a chair like that either...

im sick of people who critique like that, they force themselves to find a problem with art and then somehow enter this world where the most horrible jokes are hilarious and then go on to make the same repeated jokes about how their spine doesnt work that way or what is anatomy. whats even worse is a negative review like this gets turned away because im labeled as "jelous" or "mad" or "that ive received such critique" this joke/animation fell pretty damn flat

That last scene felt a little awkward; the guy falls unconscious, and the girl stares for a half second, gasps weakly, and then hops backwards, landing on her legs, onto a chair.
That said, if that scene was a meta/irony thing where I myself am critiquing the art, only to have a loved one pass by and attempt to imitate the scene and prove me wrong, only to be horribly injured, that is brilliant and I salute you.

actually.. that pose was fine, both shoulders were facing the point of percepeptiono, therefore he head was only turned sideways... nice animation, terrible plot, odd voice acting, little humour available.