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Reviews for "Calamitous Critique"

I can. Good animation the voice acting was a little off sinc tho. Good overall short.

this video was pretty good.

What a plot TWIST at the END.
I almost fell off my chair.

lol lol, it loooks fine watch this *crack, dead* lol

@ Voijin:
Yeah sorry, i should have know how sarcastic it is which is not in my mother language :(. My fault. Sorry but its not the same thing what i did. I didn't like the whole idea not just a small part, i get the animation, its pretty good but its still wrong. I could say it is sarcastic if characters weren't theirselves. And i think its based on true story in a high chance not the broken neck part ofc. And as you can see, i'm saying the same idea in that sarcastic joke: " the ones who criticals "the necks small part is wrong, whole art is a trash, artist (who gave his days to do that) doesn't deserve anything." are total jerks.". And i still didn't get the sarcastic way even i thought like that. I think many people didn't get it either.