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Worst Halloween EVER!

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A Collab that started last year and got completed this year. The theme was to come up with a scenario that would make your Halloween the worst ever! Enjoy!

ReNaeNae made the awesome menu!

See those great people on the left? You should click on their hearts and follow their shenanigans.

*UPDATE* Updated the credits page so that it actually works now and thanks for daily 5th Newgrounds!

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all i got was a rock...

ethanalways: audio a bit bad, and I didn't quite get how does that fit with the given scenario. great animation though!

sakahuman: what? The music was really great, the style too, but... i don't know what i just watched :D

adam-beilgard: great one, really appreciated it!

53xy83457: I quite enjoyed that one, but still it seems a bit off topic... maybe it's just me...

redharvest: funny :)

end music really good!

I like the secret bit of movie you left after the The End music.

There is no story at all to this whole compilation.

The animation graphics is okay, the sound quality worse, and the storyline was the poorest. It is a horrible storyline, and the scenes don't connect and relate at all. The only scenes that I felt were good, were of Adam-Beilgard and EthanAlways. they made a bit sense. The scene by Sakahuman doesn't makes sense at all, and neither does it fit in the theme. If there was a proper and sensible storyline, the scenes were related, and the graphics and sound quality were a bit better, then the whole thing could've been better than it is now.

I wish you luck for your future animations and hope they will be better than this.

Slendy, no! T.T