Reviews for "Worst Halloween EVER!"

I'd have to agree. The compression options could have been better. I know for a fact my submission was crystal clear in both video quality and vocal quality when I submitted. It's a bit disappointing to see all of my hard work toned down for what ever the reason might be. Also, "A Collab that started last year" does NOT mean that it was a year in the making...this is something that just didn't get submitted last year so it got brought back up maybe a month prior to Halloween inviting new artists to join and be a part of it.

I'd say the 3 stars are just for Adam Beilgard's one alone. EthanAlways' one was fairly decent and fitting too, but the rest were rather "meh".

The theme was a scenario that would make your Halloween the worst one ever - so what the heck was Sakahuman's one doing in there? I mean it wasn't bad but it has absolutely nothing to do with the theme, it doesn't even seem like a Halloween cartoon at all, just some asbtract art project.

The scene select on the menu isn't an actual scene select either, just sends you to their accounts as opposed to playing their part in the collab. And the sound quality of the entire thing is pretty iffy, seems like you used the default Flash audio compression.

A monstrosity is on front page.

A series of shorts animation horrify the viewer by combining poor drawing, horrendous sound, and a toxic sense of humor that would make anyone to puke.

We have witness collabs being build inside the 24 hours period before. This cartoonist nightmare was made by a seven of monkeys in one hour. With some luck, one of these monkeys will realize what they have done and beat the others with the keyboard following to hang itself with the cord.

My advice to these monkeys would be to share each other storyboard and be honest with each other. This would be a good time to find out which one is your good friend. A good friend would recognize a bad plot and share with you his opinion that it sucks so much that his/her brain is trying to escape throw the nose.

This collab keep up with its word, seen it will make your Halloween the worse day ever.

To be fair, I give you two out of five starts due the effort that takes on doing any animation, especially a collab.

ForNoReason responds:

you are a sad person.

The jokes can use some work, but overall the animation was alright, even though some scenes made no sense.

I wouldn't tell people it took a year. Makes it look bad. Animation could have been much better for the time it took to make them. Especially when you consider the limited time that each lasted. Though I saw the humor in them. Liked the guy's reaction to the mother in law and no more booze. Would have liked to see something more there though. More exaggerated.