Reviews for "Worst Halloween EVER!"

You guys are being too critical on this.
I thought the jokes were delivered well, and the art was sometimes pretty neat to look at, too.
Overall I thought it was a decent callaboration and a decent flash.
Good work guys.

This is some really crappy animation and sound

I wasn't a fan of this.

EthanAlways: The joke was cool enough and fits the theme perfectly, but the voice acting could've been better. 3/5

Sakahuman's had nothing to do with theme, was artistic enough considering it was hand-drawn frame by frame, but made no sense. 1/5

Adam-Beilgard: Genuinely funny! It really saved this collab. 4/5

53xy83457: This wasn't funny to me, it has been done so many times and this was one of the less successful ones. 2/5

RedHarvest: The only one with a slightly unexpected outcome. A bonus for that. 3/5
Besides the point, but you were the biggest letdown to me, I know you can do a lot more than this.

Giving this more than 2.5 as a whole would be wrong.

Well, I didn't understand much. But the animation was good. Ther's no plot or anything like that in the animation. I expect to see better animations (with plots,of course) in the future from you.

OMG finally now slenderman won't come after me anymore