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Author Comments

This is just a preview. Think of it as Levels v1.0.
More levels and sound effects will be added soon.

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I won a never-ending rainbow -_-

I won.

In a critical sense, it could use a lot of work, didn't offer a whole lot of fun. A terrific waste of time though.

Needs to be longer, but I beat it on my first try!


haggisizer read my mind when he write: "Very poor indeed....unless a four-year old made it, if in the afore mentioned case, very good job! No real concept but to see a flashy end that loudly exclaims "YOU WON" in big bold white letters while a rainbow of colors flow in the background. SERIOUS REMARK--IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY, DONT WIN

There is no way to offer constructive criticism...unfortunately, there was nothing to this game. Press an arrow key. Done. But imagine if someone built a long way around a door....that is what I liken this submission to."