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Reviews for "level"

"You won!"
Arf, i find it bad...

Very poor indeed....unless a four-year old made it, if in the afore mentioned case, very good job! No real concept but to see a flashy end that loudly exclaims "YOU WON" in big bold white letters while a rainbow of colors flow in the background. SERIOUS REMARK--IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY, DONT WIN

There is no way to offer constructive criticism...unfortunately, there was nothing to this game. Press an arrow key. Done. But imagine if someone built a long way around a door....that is what I liken this submission to.

...was this supposed to be hard? 0/5. I would say more, but I think the effort put into this game should be reflected in my review.

...you realize Dig-Dug was made 20 years ago, and had infinite depth and creativity compared to this. There is literally no tact involved. All you do is direct your nondescript white box to a black box. But don't worry about WHICH black box, because there are several on the screen in most levels, aaaaand they're all the right black box. I don't get it?

very... blockish

Supremely confusing. Some instructions as to what the player should be doing/ aim for would be excellent. Still, a great way to kill some time.