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Credentials 5 Points

Who programmed this crap?!

Play Me! 5 Points

Hey, look! A play button!

Unhealthy 5 Points

Well, that wasn't any good for you...

Angelic 10 Points

Look! Wings!

Bloodbath 10 Points

First blood!

I Can Fly! 10 Points

I can fly! I can fly! I can flyyy!!!

Jammin' 10 Points

What's a Game Jam?

Mario Incarnate 10 Points

Boing! Boing!

Speedy 10 Points

Areeba, Areeba!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Please vote fairly - this game was made from scratch in 72 hours

(egg82) Edit: Wow, does this game really deserve 2.5 stars? The artists and musician worked really hard. Though I suppose it was partially my fault, saying the engine is terrible.

(egg82) Edit: Fixed link to the game jam
getURL("http://www.newgro unds.com/collection/nggam ejam7");
getURL("http://www.newgro unds.com/collection/nggam ejam7", "_blank");
I was tired, leave me alone >.>

If anybody finishes the game, let us know in the comments! Just no spoilers ;)

Team Awesome Espresso's submission for Game Jam 7.

W, A, S, and D or arrow keys to move and jump or fly (if allowed)
Space to punch
Mouse to aim and shoot

Main objective: Get to the clock tower and sleep
Secondary (optional) objective: Collect dropped items to regain health and weapon durability

Puzzle game:
Start at the left, end at the right - click on numbers to get the sum of the random number (shown below the puzzle)
Different numbers grant you different powers (such as jumping and flying)

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I finally got over it.

hsould have been better

La ARma NO Hace DAÑO!!!

Wtf? Gun does no damage, and enemies kill you instantly. Instead of killing them the gun LITERALLY does damage to YOU

Okay I have all the medals and I still don't know how to consistently get many of them. Obvious medals are obvious so figure those out yourselves.

As for the rest, it seems each time you get to the puzzle it's random, and then once you solve that the next time through will be random (though it depends on the last number you land on in the puzzle), and if it randomly starts you with certain things, that's how you get all except the last medal. Basically just keep playing the game a lot.

My best guess on how to get the last medal is you have to win so many times in a row.

So okay there's really no good strategy in this game. If you try to shoot or punch you'll just take more damage. So the best you can do is just run to the right and hope you make it. However depending on your rebirth scenario this won't make it in certain scenarios. I believe you're just screwed if you rebirth into a scenario where this strategy doesn't work as there's no other even halfway decent strategy. So winning the game is pretty much luck.

Gameplay is pretty bad and so is the art.
Music is decent.

Credits & Info

2.73 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2012
11:44 PM EDT