Reviews for "Disembodiment"


How strange, but in a good way.

That was a very strange game. The thing I found weirdest about it was that I had no idea who I was fighting or what. It was even hard for me to tell which of those guys I was. Maybe not so much that, but it was strange when the hearts disappeared and I thought they belonged to my opponent. I'm fairly certain they belonged to me now. I would like a way to tell when my opponent was being weakened.

Of course, this wasn't made in that much of a time seeing as what it is a part of. Your artwork reminded me of the stuff by Sean McGee/Weasel. He's the creator of the "Thing-Thing" series. At least there were some pretty good designs. It's a very strange game and I did win some medals.

My first thoughts were: "what the hell is going on?"

Just one introductory screen would have probably been nice. Or even just throwing "kill this guy! Shoot with mouse" in the first room would have helped

The fighting system itself wasn't really as fun as it could be because it lacked feedback. The entire fun of fighting games comes from hitting/shooting and seeing the enemy get hit. I couldn't tell if I was even doing any damage. Just knocking the enemies back would have been awesome.

I also couldn't get far enough to see your mechanic in action.

I'll try giving it another shot if I can figure out how to actually kill enemies without most of my health getting eaten!

egg82 responds:

Haha, I 110% agree with some kind of instructions. I made a button to one, but we ran short on time. Yeah, it really was that bad xD

It definatly lacked feedback. Again, the time. I think the time is my only major complaint (but that's the point! :D) - if I had one last day to finish it I would have, at the very least, made some feedback.

The mechanic is present in two ways: One as sort-of an idea - that would be the puzzle at the end (which is supposed to be a brain - you're "re-calibrating" your brain in a sense) and the other in your weapon. I'm not sure that I should have made punching that powerful, because the weapon is supposed to fall into disrepair as you use it (that bar isn't ammo) - collecting gears repairs and upgrades it (minus the upgrades, here)

I like the ending, but it's damn near impossible to get there (probably for the best. Warning: Programmer art ahead)

well Im a big fan of guns and shooting,I like this game a lot but,It gets preety hard at the third time you have to get to the clock,I just ran until i died,but still good game =)

egg82 responds:

The game forces you to change tactics around level 3 (the second-to-last level) from staright running to actually killing stuff.

It wasn't intentional, but there you have it!