Reviews for "Disembodiment"

the animator is the best!!!

egg82 responds:

haha, yes. Yes he is ^.^



well Im a big fan of guns and shooting,I like this game a lot but,It gets preety hard at the third time you have to get to the clock,I just ran until i died,but still good game =)

egg82 responds:

The game forces you to change tactics around level 3 (the second-to-last level) from staright running to actually killing stuff.

It wasn't intentional, but there you have it!

Really good entry for the Game Jam. If you think this engine didn't come out good you should see the mess of actionscript i've used in the past :P

egg82 responds:

Haha, you and me both.

I think the engine is crap because on this last day I wound up trying to change too many things.
It really is a mess, though it was very organized at the start - then again, it didn't do too much at the start either xD