Reviews for "Disembodiment"

An average game.
Despite the dark overtones and music, it wasn't all that good.
There was no helpful intro , it just plunged you directly into the game.
There isn't a clear objective to the game.
The enemies were far too difficult and with weirdly sized hitboxes.
You can't be sure if you're punching an enemy until you actually touch him. There should have been audio effects when the bullets or punches made contact.
I was left floundering at the number puzzle for a while.
The enemies seem to shoot and punch you irrespective of their animations.
This game needs an overhaul, to be called a good game.
On the good side, you managed to set the atmosphere. And the evil laughing animation was nice and scary.

With a lot of effort, you can better this game. Good luck!

egg82 responds:

It's supposed to plunge you into the game, but there isn't supposed to be an enemy just sitting there waiting for you when you wake up - the first "bedroom" area is supposed to be free so you can get a feel for the controls.

The hitboxes aren't weirdly-sized (I traced hits. They're perfect), but there's no "hit" feedback. Well, there was, but I had to remove it because it was too buggy and we were running out of time. Sorry, I wish I could have had some feedback for the battle engine, I know it's important!

there should be a "tutorial" level, I agree. I'll put it in next time (updates)
They don't, but again it's the feedback.

I agree. On the update i'm going to code the engine from scratch.
Also: "Evil laughing animation" - wasn't intentional, but I like it. I could run with that!

well ok... Jeez, I get tired of trying to point out reasons why videos/games are bad, and your not making my job easier. I have no effing clue what im doing but apparently you can just kill the first guy and then hold the right button with out doing anything and still win... shooting people dont really seem to do anything and why in the hell everytime i wake up there is a man trying to shoot me down like if it was his job. audio, animation, gameplay, you name it. It all sucked and im sick and tired of these kinds of games and videos. Not really even tested out if it could actually work like a proper game or video. Either its the main menu or just the game it self, its an annoyance. But hell im just here to give you a rating that you already know that you were going to get as soon as you posted the game. (evidence: Achevement-Credentials...) zero out of five and just asking for it too *shakes head*

egg82 responds:

ouch. Please be aware that this game was made for a Game Jam, which are 72 hours (three days) long

other than that, I would have to agree with what you're saying. If I were submitting this after working for months on it, I would have to wonder what I was thinking.

Wow, that was difficult! I like the concept a lot - that's very important for a jam where the theme is 'core mechanic'. I like the puzzles, even though they aren't very difficult. However, I think the action parts are too difficult at times. I suggest saving the scenes that the player has completed and allowing the players to skip those scenes afterwards. You can introduce a medal for playing the game from beginning to end without dying instead. :)

I think the graphics are good - both the sprites and the background are well drawn. However, they don't seem to mix very well. It seems that the sprites are separate from the background.

The Game Jam button doesn't seem to work, so I can't see your core mechanics diagram (even though I know your core mechanic is 'calibrate'). Please fix that soon as it's rather important for the Game Jam.

PS I think I'll put the mute button in every frame like you next time I make a game. :P

egg82 responds:

Whoops! How did I manage to screw up a link button? I'll fix it as soon as I get back home (will be the only update until the final judging :P - after that, i'll go back and re-write the engine)

I like that "scene save" idea. Why didn't I think of that? O.o

We had two different artists - one for backgrounds and one for animations.

And thanks, I try to program for every play style out there :P

This game is a bit too difficult to pick up and play. The enemies take WAY too many hits before they die and you can't even tell you're hitting them.

egg82 responds:

I agree, the game's a bit difficult. That was the point, though not so much so that peoplewho are just picking up the game can't play it. I'll have to fix that.

there were animations for getting hit, etc (thanks sebastiam!) but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to add them - actually, the animations in the game aren't even a third of what we have.

they're way to small, like a table is bigger then they are. that's not my only complaint.

egg82 responds:

Please, spill the details! I'd like to know exactly what I did wrong so I can improve it! :)

also, the characters started out being much bigger. They shrunk! xD