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Diablo three Parody

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Author Comments

I find it hard to get my priorities right when playing games.

btw wizards are cool. But one day I will have to check out the other classes :D

Also please note that my loading bar is faulty.

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Well, I haven't heard of Diablo, but this was funny anyway.

Got a good chuckle out of this. Humor had an excellent flow and didn't feel stressed or forced. Voice acting, for animation of this quality, was solid.

7/10 for me. Animation was definatly the weak link here, improve on that while keeping your sense of humor and you'll easily get better ratings.

littlegoblet responds:

thanx buddy. yeah the animation was very simple but I delighted to hear the humor was there and that you enjoyed the voices. means alot :D

Dear littlegoblet.

how did you x3 the round triangle on death with diablo 3 on the graveyard on death with health ?
i mean the black color inc at 1:00 in the video had gray dots all around it and blue 5x death penalty is very stupid made !
seriously can you fix the black car to ?
with the chicken nuggets sause ?

littlegoblet responds:

sorry buddy I don't really know what you are talking about ???

Welp never played diablo so i have no idea what just happened so ill go with my normal rating. animation was ok, i guess the jokes in it (even if i didn't necisarrily got them) were ok, and the music at the end is pissing me off now cause im doing a review and it keeps repeating (but dont worry that wont affect score for me :P.) Lastly, voices where average (reminded me alot of the old south park voices for some reason though XD) OH GOD NEED TO FINISH BEFORE I SHOOT MYSELF XD three out of five for me.

littlegoblet responds:

LOL Ha ha thats ok buddy well thanx for comment and for having a looksies. :D