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Game Facts: Bethesda

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Newgrounds has a video player now! Hellz yeah! I've been making shorts for a while now but I've been lazy about uploading becasue converting my videos to Flash makes me pull my hair out.

But no more! I'm back baby!

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We will always love you Bethesda

Have to say, I agree entirely. I love Bethesda as a company, but som eof the issues are rather funny. The guy was a good straight man, and the NPC was utterly hilarious. Great voice acting, graphics, and use of all the issues. The NPC ending up with the thing in his way was particularly hilarious, the the way he talked sounded particularly convincing.

The file size could have been optimized a bit better; no reason for a two minute flash to be almost 100 MB in size, though flash cartoons have gotten exponentially larger these days. Still, that's a nitpick, the flash itself is still great, though perhaps I could take half a star off because the NPC did not have any facial expressions. (which would indeed be the joke).

Big file but pretty entertaining.

So first off congrats on the awards thats always a nice gesture from the site, and its well rewarding especially when you make something like you have here, awards are cool and this flash was very well deserving. So this was a pretty good flash of works there was lots to see with this one, and some random and odd things going on but guess thats why i like it, it kept me interested and was overall pretty entertaining with some slight amusment in some areas and even more in others, So good flash entry here.So i was pretty amazed at how large the file was, that has to be one of the largest size was of a file i have seen here, guess thats why it took forever to load up and all, But once you get past the loading time it really is a good quality submission, I must say that the "VOICES" were pretty fantastic, the "HUMOR" however was abit on the dry side and could use for some more humor and more jokes and such, It was pretty good i like all the differant characters they had some good personality and made for a good film there was only a few issues that could be better.

And now we come to the end here well almost and what i took away from the experience here was that it was pretty interesting some stuff could be made better and have more entertaining value, but thats all explained later, but for the most of this i liked it, so good work here. And so we come to the improvments portion of the flash submission, wich is not always the easiest but i guess ill start with saying that it was a pretty solid flash, but could still use some adjustments and some small changes here and there, in some cases it may need more changes, so hope you will take some of these ideas to light. so with this one i thought it could use some more "HUMOR" and more funny jokes, while it was funny and amusing It could have been abit more on the funny side of things. And then there was the rather large file it was ok but took forever to load up and thats something you should think about in the future maybe some adjustments and some condencing of graphics here and there could help, these are just a few things that could help lower the file size, maybe even making it into more then one part or two, but just something to think about when it comes to size. So anyways just some helpfull tips on making things slightly better.

that one was very enjoyable, and in many cases, true.
very well-done, with the facial expressions (or lack thereof) and in the story.
my only complaint is that we will never know what happens to steve and if he will find the ketchup!

good movie.

I enjoy the intro and "outro" music.