Reviews for "Game Facts: Bethesda"

It's amusing because it's true. Never had the textures drop out though. All these silly little people trying to defend Bethesda and going after Bioware. It's EA that needs to be kicked down a peg. Or ten. Not Bioware.

LMFAO! Funny as hell man! Almost every Bethesda glitch in one flash! Great job! I don't see this as a bit too harsh at all. Well... Maybe a little bit, but it's flash animation! Look at how they bash Pokemon and Mario games! Much worse than this. Great animation bro. I'll definitely be looking for more from you. You hit my funny bone!

Bit too harsh...
Bethesda do put a great amount of detail in seeing as their games are ridiculously vast.
Graphically they're superior and there's only minor issues from time to time, I don't feel that this video is fair towards Bethesda because they put a huge amount of effort into making their games and ofcourse they will have more glitches than other games but that is purely because of how much content they include.
The animation was good however so that's what's earnt you 3*s.

Say what you want about Bethesda and their difficulties with making a game that doesn't glitch out, but at least they're not smug douches like Bioware.

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem..
It's been an hour now, and I still can't play the video.
I tried everything, what's wrong?