Reviews for "Game Facts: Bethesda"

I really enjoyed your animation, the detail was awesome and the humor was spot on. I would have loved to see a similar movie to this with faults from Fallout too, but thats just me. Cant wait on your next animation, what ever it may be I'm sure it will impress! I love your work with the ebolaworld shorts messed-up bible stories too. You are like a humor Midas!

Jonnyethco responds:

Thanks dude. i consider Fallout to be included in this parody since it is a Bethesda game.

Can't wait for what life would be like in a EA game.

the animation was clean and smooth as usual and really funny. the only proplem, and it's 100% a personal one is since i only hade one of the proplem that you made fun of which was the game crashing but i can still see that others could have these problems so its all hilarious

It's funny because it's so damn true xD

Heh, life would suck.