Reviews for "Game Facts: Bethesda"

Fu**ing True! And hilarious! Keep it up :D

It's funny but not really true. All games made by Bethesda are a little glitchy at first but, that's what the updates are made for. Also their games are usually quite reliable and I think it is quite uncalled for what you're saying. I understand where your coming from but it's quite over exaggerated. Send me a mssg if you can prove to me that your right in thinking otherwise.

Funny, but it just takes so long to load.

All of that was sooo true.

As much as I love Bethesda's games, whenever I see this I can't help but think of Skyrim on the PS3. I mean, you're lucky if you can get to level 10 without completely freezing your PS3. Good video. 5/5