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rated 4.00 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Jan 18, 2012 | 4:55 AM EST

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Accelerator Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 5 Accelerators.
Advanced Evolution 5 Points Evolve second time.
Are You Serious? 5 Points Game over in level 1.
Are You Sleeping? 5 Points The creature dies over 10 times in any level.
Blood Pool Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 5 Blood Pools.
Crying 5 Points Stay in front of the game over screen for 30 seconds.
Delicious 5 Points Boss I eaten.
Devour Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 10 Devour Towers.
Dragon Unlocked 5 Points Finish story with Dragons.
Evolution 5 Points Evolve first time.
Feedback 5 Points Feedback appreciated.
First Blood 5 Points Kill 1 enemy with normal attack.
Flame Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 10 Flame Towers.
Glaive Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 10 Glaive Towers.
Got Killed 5 Points The creature dies.
I Love Second Grades 5 Points Pass challenge level with creature evolved only once.
Ice Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 10 Ice Towers.
Landmine Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 5 Landmines.
Level 30 Survived 5 Points Survive 30 levels in endless mode.
Low Health 5 Points Pass level with 10 base HP or lower in endless or story.
Missile Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 5 Missile Towers.
Newbie Guide 5 Points Read all tutorials.
Pulse Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 10 Pulse Towers.
Puppet Unlocked 5 Points Finish story with Puppets.
Quick Advanced Evolution 5 Points Evolve second time before level 13.
Quick Evolution 5 Points Evolve first time before level 6.
Spirit Unlocked 5 Points Finish story with Spirits.
Story Finished 5 Points Story levels Finished.
Stun Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 10 Stun Towers.
Tastes Like Shit 5 Points Boss II eaten.
Tower Merchant 5 Points Sell more than 10 towers.
Ultima Killed 5 Points Finish Ultima boss.
Undead Unlocked 5 Points Finish story with Undeads.
Visit Us 5 Points Visit our website. Just click our logo!
Bosses Cleared 10 Points Finish all bosses.
Chakra Killed 10 Points Finish Chakra boss.
Chronos Killed 10 Points Finish Chronos boss.
Combat Master 10 Points Finish story levels without building towers.
Conditioned Finished 10 Points Finish all conditioned levels.
Extreme Finished 10 Points Finish all extreme levels.
Funny Finished 10 Points Finish all funny levels.
Fury Attack 10 Points Reach max attack speed.
Hard Mode Finished 10 Points Finish story levels with hard mode.
Never Upgraded 10 Points Finish story mode without upgrading Base.
Pinocchio Killed 10 Points Finish Pinocchio boss.
Scarface Killed 10 Points Finish Scarface boss.
ShadowKiller Killed 10 Points Finish ShadowKiller boss.
Strategic Finished 10 Points Finish all strategic levels.
Striker Killed 10 Points Finish Striker boss.
110 Stars Received 25 Points Received 110 achievement stars.
75 Stars Received 25 Points Received 75 achievement stars.
All Creatures Unlocked 25 Points Finish story with all species.
Level 45 Survived 50 Points Survive 45 levels in endless mode.
Ultimate 50 Points All other achievements finished.

Author Comments

Raise your creature and build towers to defend against enemies!

Total of 28 creatures, 10 towers and 6 different game mode now in NTCreature2! Each creature has unique attack and ability!

Remember that after you finish story levels with one race of creatures, you can use all creatures of this race in the challenge mode!

W,S,A,D for directions,
Holding left mouse button for attack,
E for eating, SPACE for casting ability.
You can set your own keys in Control Menu.

All creatures' stats:



Feedbacks or bug reports are most appreciated!



Rated 2 / 5 stars

mmmmm, nah

pretty good but needs improvement.
also i think its too slow. i would need 2 full days to pass the full game with everyone


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

fun but needs improvement

Its a great game, with verry good graphics and interresting concepts, but the gameplay lacks a lot of things
For example, its too hard. The waves keep on getting harder and you dont have the chance to evolve before the base iss destroyed.
Make it a little easyer and make more simpler waves (and try ,instead of the towers, to make a n option of building walls)
Anyway, nice game and thumbs up!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


There is already a game like this, but this one is better


Rated 5 / 5 stars

the game is fun

but I found it rather to easy to evolve, I would rather see an harder evolving system (with for example bosses as 'key' evolve matter thus making it impossible to advance unless that boss is killed) or with more evolution branches, and a function that allows you to choose a whole different branch (but making it so that you start several levels down your current evolution lv) farther on it's great, sometimes a bit boring but good as it is.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

just way too hard...

maybe some people like difficult games, but i just cant get anywhere in this, no matter what i do, or what i try.

the first wave is easy enough, but after that, my base really starts taking some damage.

i played as the undead first, and its crazy how slow their DNA builds... i mean, i devoured an entire wave before, and i got almost nothing for it!

considering how quickly the waves become stronger, and how tough even the first boss battle is, that DNA really needs to build up alot faster.

no matter how much i put into it, i always feel like the AI is ahead of me, in games where you're able to level up and strengthen yourself, arent you supposed to feel like you're getting stronger, not weaker?

maybe it is beatable to a handful of hardcore cyborg people, but i cant win in this, the first boss wiped the floor with me, my base was swarmed by enemies, despite how many i was killing.

another thing about the DNA for undead, how can i possibly evolve my monster when it goes up SO slowly, and im forced to just attack most of the enemies, because if i stop to eat every one of them, my base will fall long before i get through even half of them.

its not a bad game, its just incredibly difficult, and i personally view it as impossible, it is just beyond my skill, even on easy... which is not good, if there is an "easy" difficulty, and its a game where you can level up, evolve, and supposedly become stronger, i should actually feel like the game is easy.

its fine to have an insane difficulty for the hardcore players, but to reach out to more people, you really should make the game easier for those of lesser skill, or those without cybernetic implants.

if you could even make it possible for us to grind and become stronger, that'd be nice... atleast for those of us who want to grind so we stand a chance, and make the easy difficulty actually easy, so its beatable for people like me, then this would receive a perfect 10, but until then, it gets an eight, because i view it as a decent game, just way too difficult, as i've said.

hopefully you dont get offended by this, im just offering some critique, and im not bashing this game, simply explaining a flaw.

aside from the difficulty, nice job on it.

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