Reviews for "NTCreature2"

Great game

nice game. the hints are handy if you are a first time player of this game. keep it up

Great Game

Great game


Well,at first I thought it was just another Tower Defense game.But it is much more than that.The size of the map,portals and your creature adds a whole new level of strategy to the game.Good job.

Could be even better.

I liked the game, simple but really fun. Though, the tower are so weak, even at low level ! They have to be stronger, for the orange mobs, they could make all the map and still come to the base even being attacked by 10 leveled attack towers.

At level 20, the towers are just used to slow, stun or buff my creature because attack tower does 1/10 of my power. Considering I have to hit 3/4/5 times to kill a mob, towers have to hit 30/40/50 for 1 Mob while there is around 50 mob on the map ?! just ridiculous.

So, good dynamic, different creature so different playstyle but the towers seem to be here just to decorate. And that's too bad for a tower defense game.


Steps away from the stale gameplay of most tower defense games.