Reviews for "NTCreature2"

very nice game, it remembered me of another game i played long time ago but sadly i cant remember it's name >.<

nice graphics! a mini map of evolutions during evolution time would be great , and maybe make the traps a small bit more powerfull ^^

You hit the nail on the head man, give yourself a pat on the back

I don't like the play style at all, however, I can tell a lot of thought and time has gone into this and it's evident that quite a few others like it.

Nice game :D

Pretty good game overall, but i was totally overpowered once i got the spartan, which discouraged me from playing. I'll eventually try again with another character, but i don't like it when i feel the game isn't challenging me at all. Still, this is a very good game and i wouldn't give it a low rating by any mean.