Reviews for "NTCreature2"

This is the best tower defense game iv'e ever played. Not only just placing towers and upgrade them but in here I can have my own defender monster?! That's the smartest idea that i have ever see.
And the monsters made me remembered to a game called Monster Evolution i guess.. pretty epic too :D

good game

Amazing game, just great:D

A full 5 stars from me for awesome music, great art, and so much fun!
This game....it's just got so much replay value with all the paths that are there.
To all the people talking about graphics and how they're only ok: GRAPHICS AREN'T THE ONLY THINGS THAT MATTER! I think this game is more of an art than some graphics-intense football game where you can see the sweat dripping of your creatures face. It's art.
Anyway, I'd give it a six if i could.
I love this game!

this is my fav tower defence game!! <3!!