Discount Mayonnaise

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Deformed Cactus 5 Points

It's a secret!

Skeleton Suit 5 Points

Don't tell anyone!

Baby Steps 10 Points

Beat the first world

Dedicated 10 Points

Kill everyone in level 7

Deep Fried 10 Points

Beat the second world

Found a Bug 10 Points

Beat the third world

Saved by the Elevator 10 Points

Barely reach the exit

Amateur Surgeon 25 Points

Beat the boss

Armed to the Teeh 25 Points

Own every gun

Playing With Fire 25 Points

Stay close to the worm

I'M THE KING 50 Points


Moneymaker 50 Points

Collect all the coins

I'M THE BOSS 100 Points

Beat the worm levels and secret level without using the acid-walk boots

Author Comments


This game is pretty hard!

Controls :
Arrow keys to move, space to shoot
or (customizable set) :
WASD to move, k to shoot

You can use the mouse or the keyboard to navigate the menus

Thanks for the frontpage! Enjoy!


The Spice...

I must confess, when I find a game on the front page of Newgrounds entitled, "Discount Mayonnaise," I'm not entirely sure what to expect. So, when I find out that the same game is a fast-paced action-based platforming adventure with zero accountability for the sanity of it's gamers and a giant Dune-styled sandworm in every level, I nod my head slowly, and try my best. While the idea may seem half-baked and there is no actual plot to the game, Discount Mayonnaise still delivers with riveting action, customization, and some rarely well-programmed gameplay. The addition of customizing your characters with different clothing and weaponry, depending on the type of skill level you want your character to have, is rarely done well in flash games, but this time, I can feel the difference in my running speed, and the height of my jumps. A medal system is a smart route, adding new levels of difficulty for the player to match that of the perfect difficulty that has been encrypted into the flash, itself with difficult jumps and intelligent enemies that follow you around. I will say that while the infinite lives are very much helpful and the difficulty is well where it should be, some of the jumps that are to be performed feel tedious and with somewhat stiff and rigid controls in the beginning of the game, it'll prove difficult to maintain an audience. I also found many glitches when I first started playing; My character wouldn't move when I started up the game for the first time, and there appears to be a lag here-and-there. Music consists of intense techno beats that change with each world change, and the artwork is rather fantastic(in that Meatboy sort of way). In the long-run, this game proves more than sufficient. With a few patches to cover those glitches, this could quite possibly be the best game of 2011. But, even if you keep it as it is, it'll still have my vote as one of the greatest games this year, by far. It's not every day we get to play a game as compelling and personal as this one. Check this one out, you won't regret it.


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Joelasticot responds:

Thanks for the great review!
In our future games I'll make sure that the first few levels are easier, so that people can pick up on the game mechanics before the challenging levels really begin


Really great!

Love the graphics! Great job dude.

Joelasticot responds:

Thanks! Visit UltraPitchfork's page for more cool art!


I'm not sure what I think of this. It definitely is strange, but the funness makes up for it. It also is pretty hard, but not hard enough to make me quit after five deaths in two minutes. All in all, a pretty cool game, even if it is very weird.

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Tons of Fun!

I just wished the character didn't come to a stop every time he jumps... seems very out of pace for a speed-based game. I think it'd play a lot smoother without that... but I ASSUME there's a reason you made it that way... maybe?

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Joelasticot responds:

...yes, yes of course

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Credits & Info

4.28 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2011
12:01 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun