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Reviews for "Discount Mayonnaise"

Discount Mayonnaise! qex Approves! Best Game in Newgrounds!
Discount: 22%
Total Price: $3.00

Joelasticot responds:

what a bargain! surely many will rejoice

flash games usualy have either good mechanics, nice visuals or story or at least something good while they fall short in the other aspects. discount mayonaise though, it gets everything right!

all three creators brought their a-game i guess. the programming is solid, the game flows nicely, the controls are sharp and spot on. no glitches, no errors.
the soundtrack is fucking rad! it keeps you pumped through the whole thing, sets the mood for every enviroment, and together with the excellent soundeffects reacts to your actions on the screen.
and oh boy the graphics. i fuckin love the aesthetic vibe. works so well with the sound and humour, while being cool as fuck!

also this game is fucking hard! but since it is so immensly well done i had to go for 100% - twice. i alternated between heavy swearing, punching the wall and an almost zen-like state of mind - and i loved every second.

so what is discount mayonaise? probably the best game on newgrounds. damn right i said it: the best! (probably! trololololo1lo1l!1!)

Great game. Liking the weird artistic style. You kept the game simple, and that's a good thing. Makes it easy to pick up and play whenever.

This is favourite game on NG, and would have been given a 5, but every time i left the game for a day or two, it restarted.
Still awesome though, keep it up!

WHAT THE FUCK that was the most unexpected ending ever still good game five stars for YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!