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Reviews for "Discount Mayonnaise"

Very good

the difficulty is making it difficult to be an interesting challenge to play, the music is very good, the plot is perfect, the gameplay ... EVERYTHING! But I could explain the ending? seriously did not understand the relationship of the final game ... keep it up! I loved this game really!

A very challenging and amazing game.

I loved thisgame. Not just because of the techno or the hilarious character design, but because it was actually challenging. It's really quite sad to see people giving this great game a 2 because they lack the skill to beat it. It makes me disappointed with this age of gamers. I vote that we somehow make it so you can only review a game after you've beaten it, so we don't have these whining idiots in the reviews going "BAWW. IT'S TOO HARD. I CANT BEAT IT SO IT SUCKS." Who is with me? :D

Anywho. This game rocks. Though I do feel like a wuss because I bought the acid shoes. .__. I'll go back and attempt to beat it without them. I still have the whole "You have to go fast because the worm is right behind you" mentality going on.

Joelasticot responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, but if only people who beat it could review, this wouldn't have 20 reviews!

This game is too hard.

Impossible cheap jumps are impossible. Forced time limit is too cheap. Can't get past LVL 18 because the Worm has a tendency to cover YOUR ENTIRE SCREEN.

Shoot button should be held down for ease of use, and just implement an appropriate rate of fire.

Some weapons lack weight of impact for most of them, especially the rocket launcher. It really felt like I was just shooting puffs of air.

Joelasticot responds:


Shyt gets real on third stage,fun! :D

-Fast paced
- love little variety you added and specials for each gun
- enemies are pretty annoying but thats what makes this game a challenge
- Loving the sudden rushes of the game
- When i was playing the game i felt like when i was jumping something was holding me back, then at the last stage, there was a suit that makes you jump without sudden pauses and i thought that was really genius of you XD

Overall man there could of been alot more done to make this game even more fun, but this game was really fun to play and i will continue to play this game for a long time :)

~Hope you make a number 2 :D~

Good Work Man!

Very good game man, because it's a ver funny shooter. The Only Probleme is the game
sometimes freeze.

Joelasticot responds:

Yes, that's a problem indeed! Is your flash player outdated? Never had this happen to me, I'm intrigued...!