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Missilebreak Outvaders

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Civil Defense Recruit 5 Points

Survive a wave of Traditional Interpretation.

Engineer 5 Points

Gain enough points to rebuild a lost city.

Civil Defense Veteran 10 Points

Survive five waves of Traditional Interpretation.

Delaying Doom 10 Points

Survive a wave of Doomsday Theory.

Flawless Defender 10 Points

Don't allow any missiles to hit the ground.

Civil Defense Elite 25 Points

Survive ten waves of Traditional Interpretation.

Doomsday Tomorrow 25 Points

Survive three waves of Doomsday Theory.

Heroic Pack Rat 25 Points

Win an extra city, but have no dead cities to rebuild.

This Game Is Easy 50 Points

Survive three waves of Doomsday Theory with all six cities intact.

Author Comments

Our expert team of archaeoludologists has pored over the historical record, piecing together and translating ancient artifacts. We are pleased to finally be able to present a scientifically-accurate reconstruction of one of the very first forms of electronic entertainment, in a playable form for the first time this millennium!

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This game will freeze on you after beating just one level if played on Chrome. Looking back at the comments I see this problem goes all the way back to when this game was released and game author would rather tell people to update their Flash (not at all what the problem was) rather than fix it.

You must play this game on Firefox even though it plays choppy and not at all smooth there. You actually can get past the stages and earn the medals if played on Firefox.

Also the old arcade games were not laggy and choppy like this! I'm tired of "retro" games that aren't even as good as the actual retro games. And those used much less capable hardware than what modern computers offer.

Ok.... What the french fry did I just play? Seriously, for the first, like, minute or so, I was so confused... combining those 3 classic arcade games into 1 is a totally genius move, and though it took me a minute to understand exactly what was going on, it was great fun.

Very good

And I mean it.
A mix between space invaders and wallbreaker can be a nice idea. But like those two original games, it should have a limited interest, particularly when you take the very first version of each, with no power-ups. And as it should have a limited interest, the player should got bored fast.

But, obviously it's not a single mix. And 2 colors give this game its savor and its consistency : those missiles that you can reflect constitute the essence of this little game, and make it definitely addictive.
It force you to distinguish and to treat independently those two kind of missiles, to develop a strategy (yeah ! a real strategy), particularly to win the hard medals. (unfortunately the last one popped up on the screen but i didn't receive it ?)
The idea is really great, and it's perfectly realized. Controls are so simple and effective, the sensibility is perfect. Graphisms are epured and primitive (in a good way) and don't spoil the visibility needed for the missiles.

Simple but very ingenious, and made with intelligence. I had much pleasure playing this game.
Just one thing : I guess it can get boring as soon as you've reached all medals. Particularly for the first mode, cause it gets repetitive and doesn't really push you to try to play for score. On the contrary, concrete objectives are really motivating. Maybe incorporate them in the game would be a good idea.

Well done !

Excellent Blend...and a new favorite.

I had multiple nostalgasms during this. i love how the presence of each game can be felt, but as parts to a whole new experience. Everything about this emulates the old school feel (minus the controller) and ramps up the difficultly nicely. Had you made this 20-30 years ago, you would probably be swimming in a pool of cash right now. There is always room for improvement, however, this game leaves very little room for it. Well done.

great game

The game was actually surprisngly good. At first glance i though to myself "man, this is so boring". Then, i started to play more and more and realized that it was actually quite fun. The game picks up when more missiles start to circulate and also become faster and faster.

The controls themselves are really good, altough an keyboard-alternative would've been good. The mouse sometimes gets off screen when you need to do a quick swift and then you're left open.

Graphics: like they're supposed to be. I love the whole pixelated arcade-feel and would'nt want anything else. Good job!

Music: Very good song. It completes the oldschool feel and adds that little extra. When you die and it feels frustrating to play it all over it becomes less so because of it.

Last but not least, the medals. They add very much to the enjoyment of every game and you did the right thing by including them.

jonathansfox responds:

I agree that the mouse running off the bottom/top of the screen is really annoying, but keyboard just doesn't have enough analog control for the game's pace of play. The mouse allows everything from a slow, precise shift that enables aiming bounces to hit the last couple enemies, to wild, erratic swings that literally jump across screen in one or two frames and allow hitting multiple missiles is super quick succession, and everything in between. The keyboard just can't compete with that. It's kind of like console controllers auto-aiming in shooters, but not needing that feature if you're playing a PC shooter and have a mouse -- the mouse is just an awesome control device and allows control and precision unmatched by alternatives.

Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2011
11:15 PM EDT