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Reviews for "Missilebreak Outvaders"

Very good.

You managed to combine three classic games excellently. The execution was mostly perfect (music, graphics, everything) but I do have one qualm. When my cities are all gone, it doesn't give me game-over immediately, which leaves me with nothing to defend, just freedom to destroy the aliens willy-nilly. The major point here is that you sometimes get cities back and the end of the level once you have enough points, and this will stop you from getting game-over no matter how reckless you were after loosing your last city.

jonathansfox responds:

This is intentional -- we felt it would be more rewarding to be able to claw your way back by earning a bonus city after all of yours are destroyed than to lose immediately. We did make sure you can't do this in successive waves, by ensuring that you don't get enough points to earn a new city every wave.

A fun little game

Hello! I think it is a fun game. A simple game perfect for killing a little time at work, or at the university. Fun music too.

This didn't make the daily top 5? Criminal.

What a great little game. Combines two retro games I didn't particularly love and combines them into one fun concept. Get this game into the app store, stat. Great work.

jonathansfox responds:

We were still under judgment when yesterday's top 5 were selected, so we got rolled over a day. Competition was tough today, but we made 4th place!

Great Retro Feel

This is a great rendition of the great classics!
I love the combination of the various games you included, it makes the game so much more enjoyable.
What's next?! Possibly a new take on Marble Madness perhaps? :D
Keep up the great work!


Historical reconstruction is right, this is genius.