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Reviews for "Missilebreak Outvaders"

cool concept

i too have found that the game freezes when you beat the first level perfectly. what gives?

jonathansfox responds:

I would like to know what gives too. I guessed it might be medal related, but I just tested this out with an alternate account that doesn't have the medals yet, and still wasn't able to reproduce a game freeze after beating the first level perfectly -- I just got two medals and the game continued. Anyone else who has this issue, please PM me with your operating system, browser, and Flash version information, to help me to find and kill this bug. You can find out your version of Flash here:

http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/155/tn_15507 .html

For reference, I'm using Flash Player 11, which was recently released. If you aren't and are experiencing this issue, try updating and see if that helps.


It takes everything that's great about classic arcade games and merges them together perfectly!


This is about the most fun I've had on newgrounds. Three of my favourite classics all bundled into one amazing piece. outstanding work.

Nice job!

Amazing game, the doomsday mode's movement is very fluid, the traditional one's movement is very 8-bit and slow. the gameplay is amazing. What is that song?!?! I MUST HAVE IT! Anywho great game, i expect more games like this from you, don't dissappoint me :D

jonathansfox responds:

Glad you like the game -- you asked about the music. The music track we're using is completely original, Nathan made it specifically for this game. You can pick it up for a dollar here: http://nmccoy.bandcamp.com/track/spac eout-march

good but...

the medals don't work...or maybe it's just me. But an excellent blend of games!

jonathansfox responds:

Medals require administrator approval before they become fully active, but they should be working now.