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Reviews for "Missilebreak Outvaders"

Awesome game, instant favourite

But it would be nice if we could see our high scores.

I'm sorry, but this is historically inaccurate.

The chip-fossil records show no evidence that the space invaders were ever colored, and premier archaeoludologist Dmitri Krishnakov has cataloged a compendium all the sound files ever used in pre-millennial games. The sounds and music you use are nowhere to be found in his exhaustive research.

Though I for one find the graphics and sound changes to be a welcome upgrade from the days of yore.

jonathansfox responds:

Dmitri Krishnakov is a shyster and a fraud whose fame and attention is ill-deserved! Anyone who disputes the existence of seminal classics like Tetriman Pacs and Castle Doom-Life is clearly on the outside of the field.

As another guy said...

Nice concept, the only thing that it's a 9 and not a 10 are the explosions, they are too annoying for eyes... The quick changing of those colors it's not a good idea for eyes.

jonathansfox responds:

Yeah, the explosions are pretty shoddy. We use them because they're straight from Missile Command -- I think we even got the right color sequence. Back in those days, they didn't have enough colors (or computer power) to make really good looking explosions, and flashing colors was the best the developers came up with.

Absolutely brilliant...

A wonderful mix of retro gold. It plays well, difficulty ramps up quickly (as it should) and the gameplay of all three have been sewn together wonderfully.

Awesome game

Nice game, classic. Real fun to play.